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Desktop Features

Play Along With Real Music
Go PlayAlong lets you sync music notation with the original mp3 audio. By playing along with real music, your practicing sessions will be more authentic and a lot more fun.
Practicing Tools
The core app comes with a rich set of practicing tools including metronome, count-in, looping, tempo and pitch adjustment and tempo trainer. All mixed with the original audio with perfect timing.
Seamless Looping
Loop difficult sections of a song, without losing the rhythm during loop end/start transition. Combine looping with tempo adjustment to make learning even more effective.
Double check the quality of your transcriptions by mixing the original audio with synth sounds generated from the score. Glitches and false notes in the transcription will be revealed for your ears instantly.
Render Beautiful Notation
Score rendering in Go PlayAlong is highly customizable. Once you set your preferences, all songs are rendered according to your special needs and score reading skills.
Get Your Stuff Organized
Newly played songs are added to your personal library. As your catalogue grows, you’ll be able to find songs quickly by title or artist. You can even create playlists for your upcoming gigs.
Tab formats supported: Guitar Pro 1-7, PowerTab
Audio formats supported: mp3, m4a, wav
For Windows and Mac OS X

Cloud Features

Cloud Storage
Store your songs in a personal cloud account and access them anywhere from a browser. Upload directly from the desktop app with just a few clicks.
Access From Any Device
Play along with songs on your notebook, tablet or mobile phone. Once your songs are in the cloud, you can access them on the go from any device with a modern browser.
Share your work with students or band mates. Invite them to play along with your songs, even if they don't have a paid Go PlayAlong license.
Rehearsal Mode
Invite your friends for a practicing session together. Load the same song on multiple devices. Hit play, and the animated score will start playing on all devices, perfectly synced in time.
20 GB storage, 20 GB / mo downloads, unlimited uploads