Library features

Adding songs, switching library views, managing songbooks, playing songs.

Adding songs to the library

Drag & drop any folder into the library window. Go PlayAlong will scan the folder for tab files load all compatible songs. Alternatively, you can add tabs one by one by clicking the + button in the library header.

Adding songs

Library views

Check out the left menu of the library window. You can access your songs in three different views. The one called All songs is the most compact one, while Artists and Songbooks give you a nice tiled view of artworks to start with.

Recently played songs

As you keep practicing, a long list of recently played songs will grow under the left menu. If you're working with a set of songs, this section will be of great help for you. Without browsing your entire library, you can load songs with a single click from here.

Using songbooks

A songbook is a collection of tabs, or a playlist, just like any real songbook. Create songbooks based upon your custom set list. In playback mode you can load the next song in your set list with a single click.

To create your own compilation, select some songs from your library. Then right-click on the selected songs and select Add to songbook from the context menu. You can either add your songs to a New songbook or select an existing songbook from the list that appears.

You can select multiple songs by shift + clicking or by cmd + clicking them.

Playing a song

Select any song and hit enter or click the play icon of the selected song. Double-clicking the song also works.

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