Playback features

Count-in, metronome, loop features, creating selections, mixing audio, adjusting pitch of a song.

Playing a song

Load a song from the library and hit enter on your keyboard or click the play button. Activate the count-in feature in the player header to give yourself some time and prepare your instrument for playback.

Playing just a selected part of a song

Hold down and drag the mouse over the score to create a selection. Alternatively, you can shift + click the score, and all the notes between the current beat and the clicked beat will be selected.

Use selections combined with the loop feature to play the same part over and over. You can turn on looping in the player header.

To clear an active selection, hit escape, or click outside the selection.

Mixing audio

The mixer unit on the left side enables you to mix different sources of audio during playback. The first section contains the three main audio sources: a metronome, the original backing track and the synth version of your tab.

To mute/unmute any track in the mixer, click the loudspeaker icon next to the track name.

Below the backing track and the synth master tracks you will find all the instruments available in the score. Here you can add individual instruments to your audio mix. You can, for example, turn on the backing track and turn on just the bass instrument to give it a little accent.

The mixer can be also useful when looking for mistakes in the score. Turn on backing track and synth master and play them at the same time. Pan the backing track to the left, the synth master to the right. This way you'll clearly hear any differences between your tab and the original audio.

Pan audio

Using the metronome

The metronome acts as a separate instrument. You can apply any of the mixer settings (mute/volume/pan) to the metronome too.

You can even customize the metronome click sound. Select the metronome from the mixer panel on the left and update the sound.

Adjusting the pitch of a song

The pitch can be adjusted for synth and backing tracks separately. Click on Backing Track or Synth Master within the mixer panel. Two pitch adjustment sliders will be shown below the tracks, one slider for semitones and one for cents.

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