When first installing Go PlayAlong, the application will start in trial mode. You can unlock all features any time by purchasing a license at the online store.

Limitations in trial mode

For each song, after 90 seconds of playback audio will begin to fade out gradually.

After 90 seconds have passed, you can go back to the library and load another song. You can even load the same song again and continue playback to check out any parts following the first 90 seconds.


Once you have purchased a license, you can remove all limitations from the trial version. Launch Go PlayAlong and select File / Register Go PlayAlong on Windows, or Go PlayAlong / Register Go PlayAlong on macOS. Follow the instructions in the registration dialog and finish registration.


A license will give you free updates for all minor 4.x.x versions. These updates contain notable feature add-ons and bug fixes as well. The software will notify you if there's a new version available for download.

Using the same license on multiple computers

A license allows you to use one copy of Go PlayAlong at any time. That is, you can install Go PlayAlong on your home computer and your notebook for example, but it can be used only by one person at the same time.

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