Rehearsal mode

Invite students or band members to practice together in the same room or remotely.

Rehearsal mode enables you to invite students or band members to play a song together. By loading songs and controlling playback on each device, you can offer a hands-free playback experience to all invited members.

Creating a rehearsal room

Select Cloud / Rehearsal from the system menu. Enter a room name and start inviting other cloud users into your rehearsal room.

Anybody with a free cloud account can be invited. Invited guests can use the free browser app or the desktop app. As your guests launch Go PlayAlong on their devices, they will get a notification about the invite inside the app.

Your guests can sign up for a free cloud account at You will also need an active Desktop + Cloud license as the room host.

Online classes

Rehearsal mode can be an ideal complementary tool for your online guitar classes. If your students are physically not in the same room as you, it's important that audio is played on all connected devices. There's a check box labeled Mute audio on connected devices under rehearsal room settings. Make sure that it's turned off.

Practicing in the same room

If you're sharing the same space with your fellow musicians, only one device will need to have audio output. Otherwise, simultaneous audio would create an echo effect in the room. Make sure that the check box Mute audio on connected devices is turned on under the rehearsal room settings.

Hands-free experience

Once all your guests are connected, you can start loading songs as the room host. Any song you load will appear on guest devices automatically. Playback will be controlled by you and all other devices will reflect your actions. These actions include play / pause, looping selections, using count-in or metronome features and adjusting tempo.

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