Playback Features

Playing a song

There are several different ways to play a song in Go PlayAlong. The most straightforward one is to hit SPACE on your keyboard or click the play button. In many cases, however it's difficult to hit play and start playing your guitar immediately. The Count-in feature will be of great help for you in such cases. You can activate it in the player header with a single mouse click.

Playing just a selected part of a song

You'll have to create a selection first. Drag the mouse over the section of the score you'd like to select. Or if it feels more convenient, you can also use SHIFT + click any part of the score and all the bars between the current note and the shift clicked note will be selected. Once you have an active selection, Go PlayAlong will play only that part of the song.

In most cases, selections are used together with the looping feature to practice the same part over and over. You can turn on looping in the player header.

To clear an active selection, hit ESC, or click outside the selection.

Currently you can create selections of entire bars only. If you would need the option to make selections at beat level, please feel free to send feedback to our support email address and describe your use-case in a few words.

Mixing audio

There's a tiny but very clever mixer unit at at the left side. One of the most powerful features of Go PlayAlong compared to other players, is that you can mix different sources of audio during playback. The MASTER section contains the two basic audio sources: the original backing track and the synth version of your tab.

To turn on/off any track in your mixer, click the red/green circle next to the track name.

The TRACKS section lists all the instruments available in the score. Here you can add individual instruments to your audio mix. You can, for example, turn on the backing track in the master section and turn on just the bass part in the synth section to give it a little accent.

Another use-case of mixing audio is when looking for mistakes in the score. Turn on the original audio and the instrument part and play them at the same time. Pan the backing track to the left, the synth master to the right. This way you'll clearly hear any differences between your tab and the original audio.

Using the metronome

The very last item of your track list is always a metronome. Go PlayAlong handles the metronome as a separate instrument. This way you can apply any of the mixer settings (mute/volume/pan) to your metronome too.

You can even customize the metronome click sound. Select the metronome at the end of the track list. Use the properties box at the lower part of the menu to customize your metronome sound.

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