Version 5 score renderer engine

February 9, 2023

Go PlayAlong features a new score renderer engine that follows industry standards more strictly and renders clean sheet music with less symbol collisions and better spacing.


The new score renderer was about to be released in version 5. Since the release date of version 5 has been delayed, the new score renderer is presented to you a bit earlier as a humble compensation.


  • ⭐ Following industry standards based upon the reference book Behind Bars by Elaine Gould
  • ⭐ Optimised horizontal and vertical spacing
  • ⭐ Less symbol collisions
  • ⭐ Improved bend notation
  • ⭐ Extended notation support: capo, swing feel, legato slide, crescendo, trill, 8vb, 8va, etc...

Planned features in version 5

  • ⭐ Slash notation
  • ⭐ Multi-track view
  • ⭐ Infinite horizontal scrolling

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