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This is a free update to all 2.x and 3.x versions.

A special thank you goes out to all of you who suggested exciting new features or reported errors. Please feel free to contact us and submit your ideas or report any strange behaviour of the player. We will do our best to deliver hot-fixes within a short period of time.

Version 3.42

Minor bug fixes to the score rendering engine

Fixed an issue that made the score highlight cursor suddenly disappear during playback.
Fixed a minor rendering glitch of the 'Show Legend' button.

Version 3.41

Drum notation update

This is a quick follow-up of the previous update based upon user feedback. It extends drum notation symbols and focuses on cymbals. More details can be found at our Drum Notation FAQ page.

Version 3.4

Drum notation

Added support for a extensive list of percussive instruments, including drums, hi-hats, cymbals, tom-toms, congas and bongos and idiophones. For a complete list of drum notation symbols see our Drum Notation FAQ page.

Guitar tab notation updates

Bend symbols have been refined and further symbols have been added based upon user requests. More details about supported symbols can be found here: Guitar Tab Notation.

Reload tab

This is an excellent new feature for anyone transcribing songs. Synchronizing your tabs in Go PlayAlong to the original song is a great way to double-check your transciption. You can now switch between Go PlayAlong and your preferred Tab Editor qickly and refresh the changes made in the tab by hitting CTRL/CMD R.

Bug fix: multiple voices

The rendering of PowerTab songs containing multiple voices were incorrect. Fixed this issue based upon a user feedback.

Bug fix: returning to the beginning of a song

Seeking back to the beginning of a tab with audio backing track was not funcioning correctly. Fixed this issue based upon a user feedback.

Version 3.3

New audio engine

The audio engine has been replaced for an extended support for audio formats. Now you can sync your tabs to mp3, m4a, aac, wav and aiff format audio files at any sample rate. In the previous versions, there were some sync issues with recordings at 48kHz sample rate. Now these problems are gone, and the sync process is faster and more reliable.

Faster navigation in sync mode

You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the waveform in sync mode.

Built-in tab search

The library tab search offers an option to search the web for matching Guitar Pro tabs. It's really not a big deal, but it fits nicely into the UI and it might save you several seconds.

Registration alert at startup is gone

No more registration alerts after launching the free version of Go PlayAlong.

Version 3.2

Updated interface

This update contains general UI improvements. The audio sync interface has been replaced for a better user experience and more precise sync results. The mp3 waveform is much bigger now helping you to add sync points more precisely.


Fixed an issue that could cause the waveform to flicker when moving the first sync point.

Version 3.11


Fixed an issue that blocked tempo settings for synth type tracks.

Version 3.1

Artists view

In the previous versions of GPA a new songbook was created for each artist automatically. This latest update separates this functionality from the songbooks view. Now you can list all artist on a single page by selecting artists view in the library header. Songbooks function simply as playlists and you have full control over them. You can create songbooks, add tracks to them, edit track order and GPA will leave everything up to you.

Fine tune pitch

A new slider has been added to the tuning menu, labelled cents. It allows you to fine tune the pitch by increments of 1/100 semitone.


We have received a lot of requests to bring the auto-scroll switch back. It is now available from within the popup menu of the gear icon.


Fixed several issues with export/import and automatic database update to V3.

Version 3.0

Simplified user interface

We have redesigned the entire user interface with the simple goal of making your experience with Go PlayAlong seamless. The result is a better-organized music library and a clean, fresh design.


Songbooks now function as playlists. Create songbooks based upon your custom setlist. Load the next song in your setlist with a single click, or let Go PlayAlong load them automatically one after the other.

Improved library features

Drag and drop any folder into the Go PlayAlong library window and Go PlayAlong will scan the folder for compatible files. You can now mass-delete tabs from the library by selecting multiple songs.

Export, import songs more easily

Export your tabs and sync settings into separate backup files, organized into folders of artist names.

Faster tab & audio synchronization

Synchronization has now become as simple as dragging several notes to their place.

Direct printing


Fixes include better handling of playback directions like D.C. al Fine and D.S. al Coda.

Version 2.93

Chord diagrams

This brand new visualizer asset features a chord diagram representation of the score. Fretted note names and notes to be fretted next are displayed on a large diagram. The visualizer can be turned ON/OFF from within the player header in playback mode.

Slow down playback below half tempo

The tempo of synth type tracks can be now altered below 50%. This enables you to better work out extremely fast guitar solos.

New keyboard shortcuts in sync mode

Most importantly, you can add a new link point by simply hitting L in sync mode. Undo & Redo shortcuts have been added as well.

Version 2.92

Smooth scrolling

Tab is scrolled smoothly during playback. This helps you to keep your eyes on the current tab position more precisely.


Resolved a bug with tabs downloaded from tablatures.tk.

Fixed an issue that caused false pitch change when transposing a tab.

Fixed transient bouncing of position highlight when starting playback.

Version 2.91


Fixed a bug with playback control via space bar used together with the count-in feature.

Version 2.9

Transpose tab

Transpose notes and chord names up or down up to 12 semitones. Notes are moved to lower strings if required. Notes that fall below the lowest string are raised by one octave.

You can access this feature from within the pitch adjustment control in the player header.

Tempo trainer

Loop difficult segments of a song and increase tempo gradually. Adjust start / end tempo values, number of stages between these values and number of repeats for each stage.

Tempo trainer can be turned on using the updated tempo control in the player header.

Enable count-in on each repetition of looped tracks

With count-in feature turned on, you'll see a countdown animation at the beginning of each playback loop. This feature will come really handy when combining count-in feature with tempo trainer. Count-in will help you to catch up with the rhythm at each stage of the tempo trainer.

UI design changes

A new layout of the buttons and sliders in the playback header will give you more control when practicing.

Support instruments with arbitrary no. of strings

Added support for instruments with more than 6 strings.


Fixed a bug with alternate repeats in .gp4 tabs.

Eliminated several slight glitches of the metronome sound while changing pitch or tempo.

Playback sound muted unexpectedly in several cases after changing pitch or tempo.

Fixed several minor issues with the user interface.

Version 2.83

Extended keyboard shortcuts

Score navigation has become a lot more easier. Please check out our updated list of keyboard shortcuts.

User interface update

Numerous slight modifications have been added to the user interface in order to make it even more clean and easier to use.

Most important updates include auto-expanding part list and renewed scroll bars. Score part list expands automatically when moving mouse over it. (This behaviour can be turned off in the player preferences.) Scroll bars are thicker and easier to drag. They fade out automatically after a while if there's no mouse activity.

Version 2.82


Several issues related to parsing ptb and gp files are fixed in this version.

Version 2.81


Tabs without score section markers (intro, verse, chorus, etc...) are displayed with a timeline in the player footer.

System menu

A system menu has been added with the most important tasks. It gives you a great overview of the actions you can take at any time.

Switch animation on / off

An option has been added to the player preferences to switch animation on / off. Switching animation off can be a good choice on slow computers.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.8

New, optimized User Interface

This version comes with a lovely new user interface. Many features can be accessed with even fewer mouse clicks, helping you to focus 100% on practicing!

Seamless looping

Looping difficult sections of a song can greatly improve your playing skills. In previous versions there was a small audible delay between loops. Now looping is 100% continuous, helping you to keep up the correct rhythm!


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.75

Synchronization of score & mp3 audio made faster and easier

A significant part of the synchronization engine has been rewritten. The renewed beat detection algorithm makes synchronization even faster and delivers more precise results during auto sync. A great number of tabs can be synchronized now with just a few clicks. If you haven't used mp3 backing tracks so far then it's highly recommended to give it a go now.

The built-in help pane has been updated as well. It guides you through the basic steps of synchronization and gives you relevant tips at each stage of the process.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.74

Triplet feel

A great number of blues, country and jazz tracks are performed with a smooth swing or shuffle rhythm. Triplet feel notes are performed with alternating long and sort durations, giving the performance a strong rhythmic groove.

Sample track

A bebop style guitar track is downloaded with the new installer. When updating the player from an earlier version, the demo track can be downloaded manually from here. (Unzip the downloaded archive and use the 'Import tracks' feature of the player to add the sample track.

Enhanced chord symbols

Chord symbols containing flat notes are rendered more smoothly.

Creating selection in the score is easier

Now you can simply create a selection by dragging the mouse in the score window or over the progress bar. Alternatively you can still create a selection by shift-clicking the score or progress bar.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.73

Load artwork from mp3 files

There are many mp3 files that contain embedded artwork images. Now you can update the default songbook cover page automatically with an artwork from mp3 files when selecting them as backing track.

Improved waveform visualizer

In sync mode, the audio waveform has got a brand new look. In general it's easier to understand and helps you to synchronize tabs more accurately. It stretches as you change the overall zoom scale of the tab and it emphasizes audio events better.

Better sound quality of tempo / pitch change effects

Mp3 backing tracks with modified tempo or pitch settings contain less artifacts and they sound even more natural.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.72


Version 2.72 adds several instant Hot-fixes to the previous player version.

Version 2.71

Mixed parts feature

If you ever experienced difficulties changing parts while holding your guitar, the new 'mixed part' feature will be one of your favorite features. As its name suggests, this feature allows you to combine multiple score parts and display them in a single view. You'll find a menu button for mixed parts in the bottom-left corner of the player in playback mode.

Updated track list sorting

The player remembers your settings for sorting tracks in the library.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.

Version 2.7

Improved design

Go PlayAlong 2.7 comes with a brand new smooth and clean interface. Some controls have been re-arranged to improve usability. The most important changes that you might notice are the new options button in the top-right corner, the new part list that gives you a better overview of the score parts and the improved interface for synchronization.

Export / Import library content

This new feature helps you to transfer the tracks in your library from one computer to another. All the library settings ( artwork, audio source, etc.. ) and synchronization data can be transferred with just a few clicks now.

Adjustable spacing of songbooks

This feature comes handy for users with a large number of songbooks in their library. A condensed songbook view can give a better overview of the songbooks.

Extended player preferences

Version 2.7 gives you more freedom to tweak the player and personalize it's usage.

Enhanced interface for synchronizing score & audio

The new synchronization interface will give you a better overview of your score and audio. The audio waveform is now displayed in full width of the player and placed right below the score, aligned to the notes precisely.

Pitch control

The brand new pitch control feature comes quite handy when playing tabs tuned down by half step for example and you don't want to change the standard tuning of your guitar.


This version contains hot-fixes reported by Go PlayAlong users.