Compare fee and paid versions

Library features

Free version

Paid version

Tab library
Search tabs by artist & title, create songbooks

3 tabs maximum

Support for the most popular tab formats
Power Tab (ptb), Guitar Pro (gtp, gp3 / 4 / 5, gpx)

Export / import library content
Transfer your library settings from one computer to another


Playback features

Synchronized playback of mp3 backing tracks

SoundFont synthesizer
Load custom General MIDI SoundFonts

Mixer for synthesizer playback
Adjust volume / pan / chorus levels of each instrument

Score position highlight modes
Highlight measure / chord / notes / beats

Playback tempo & pitch controls
For both mp3 and synthesizer playback

Visual count-in, metronome

Mixed score parts
Change parts automatically during playback

Printing and tab conversion

Print tab

Export to pdf and txt files