Bring your tabs to life with real music

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Practice With Passion

Focus, Enjoy, Progress

Go PlayAlong is an easy-to-use tab player enabling you to play along with the original recordings, perfectly synchronized to your tab. Go beyond the boundaries of ordinary tab reading. Be free of the distraction of low quality synthesizer sounds, find focus and extend your practicing sessions.

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Go PlayAlong Playback Screenshot

Reconnect With The Songs You Love

We believe that a perfect tab player is serving you in the background, nearly unnoticed, thus letting you to focus on your activity. With sophisticated playback capabilities, clean interface and beautifully rendered score, you will get the opportunity to look at your tabs less frequently and learn them more quickly.

Go PlayAlong Playback Screenshot
Library features Free Version Pro Version
Search tabs by artist and title, create songbooks 3 tabs max
Power Tab (ptb), Guitar Pro (gtp, gp3 / 4 / 5, gpx) support
Back up or move library content disabled

Playback features
Synchronized audio playback
SoundFont synthesizer with custom GM SoundFonts
Set volume / pan / chorus levels of synth instruments
Highlight measure / chord / notes / beats
Tempo and pitch controls
Visual count-in, metronome
Combine score parts into a single view

Print tab
Save as pdf or plain text
Download    Buy - $19 



B. Burnham

Modiin, Israel

S. Sanhueza

ViƱa del Mar, Chile

T. Derrick

Utah, U.S.A.

I can't tell you how much your program has helped me, and the hours of enjoyment I derive from it. It has helped me improve my skills immensely, and I unequivocally and aggressively recommend this product to every musician I meet!

Simple & Intelligent

Packed With Premium Features

Synchronized audio playback

Play along with your favorite artist. Use the original recordings synchronized to your tabs and get rid of low-quality artificial sounds.

Tempo & pitch adjustment

Slow down difficult parts of a song and speed up gradually as you get better. Adjust pitch to change the key of your tabs and match your tuning.

Tab library

Keep your tabs organized and access them fast when you need them. Search tabs by artist or title, create songbooks with custom artwork.


Improve your playing skills by repeating difficult sections of a song. Combine looping with tempo adjustment to make learning even more effective.

Support for lots of tab formats

Open any of the popular tab formats downloaded from the internet. Go PlayAlong provides support for all Power Tab and Guitar Pro formats.

Visual count-In

It's really difficult to hit play and then start playing immediately. The visual count-in feature will help you to get the right tempo before playback starts.

SoundFont synthesizer

Besides mp3 playback, Go PlayAlong contains a built-in audio synthesis engine. You can load your own SoundFonts to customize audio output.


Playing in time is one of the most important aspects of playing guitar. The metronome is a great practice tool to learn perfect timing.


The audio engine lets you adjust volume, chorus, and modify panning of each score part to help you emphasize the parts of the song you wish to learn.

Playback position highlight modes

Select one of the five different position highlight modes that gives you the best understanding of the rhythm during playback.